Posted on March 3, 2014


Breed: Arabian

Size: 14.2hh

Age: 25

Gender: Mare



Robin was diagnosed with equine wobbler syndrome and had severe ataxia of her hindlimbs. At the recommendation of our veterinarian she was humanely euthanized on September 23, 2014. She is loved and missed.

Robin is a very gentle and sweet senior Arabian Mare.  She lived her whole life with one person and 3  horses and a donkey.  Unfortunately her human has reached the point in her life where she is entering hospice, and will not be with her family much longer.  Her relatives made arrangements for Robin, Shar, Renee, Zaranna and Oliver to come to Safe Harbor.  Renee and Zaranna are in our sanctuary program, but Robin, Shar and Oliver are all looking for their new forever homes.

Robin is a special needs mare.  She requires a higher caloric diet, has stomach ulcers, and is prone to anxiety.  She also has advanced arthritis in her spine.  Robin is receiving chiropractic care in rescue as well as physical therapy to help promote increased hind end strength.  She LOVES people, and she also adores water–bathes are fun with her as she loves to drink straight from a water hose.  Robin currently eats Thrive Feed (6 Pounds per day) along with soaked alfalfa cubes, crimped oats and coconut oil.  She also has free choice hay available at all times.  She is adoptable as a companion mare, but she can not be with a horse that is overly dominant as she is extremely submissive and can be pushed around to the point that she will dehydate if the other horse resource guards.  Her adoption fee is $100 in consideration of her special needs.