Posted on March 21, 2014


Breed: Belgian/Haflinger Cross

Size: 14.3hh

Age: 28

Gender: Mare

Nevaeh is sweet as molasses.  She is an independent, minds her own business kind of pony.  She lived as an only horse for 7 years, so she’s not too concerned with the herd dynamic around her.

Nevaeh was a trail horse, and a saddle club horse, and was a child’s horse for her teen years.  Her children have all grown up, and Nevaeh found herself in need of a fresh start.  She is a senior gal, and will require some of the typical needs of seniors–joint supplementation, occasional chiropractic, and senior feed.  It appears that in Nevaeh’s early life, which we don’t know the history on, she was used as a carriage horse–and overworked.  Her legs are actually bowed, and knees are severely arthritic.  She has a hard time with flexion, and her front legs are far more arthritic than her rear.

Nevaeh will continue to receive rehabilitative care in rescue.  She is on anti-inflammatory and joint supportive herbal supplements.  If these help as we hope they will Nevaeh will gain back more quality of life, but we are not sure that she will be able to reach a fully rehabilitated state.  With the combination of her leg issues, arthritis and her oversized feet (they are disproportionate to her body from her breeding–Belgian feet on a Haflinger body), she has a hard time with balance and does trip often.