Posted on July 23, 2014




Breed: Spotted Saddle

Age: 7

Gender: Gelding

Joker came to Safe Harbor with Midnight, Rascal, Max, and Emma.  Their entire group came from a loving home, but unfortunately, their owner was being deployed to serve our country and had no one to care for her herd.  With a 3 year deployment ahead, she felt the only right answer was to ask Safe Harbor to help in finding a loving home for her horses.

Joker is broke to ride, INTERMEDIATE level.  He needs more consistent time in the saddle as right now he tends to be anxious when starting.  Joker has a lot of get up and go, and getting his focus to start is very critical to a good experience with him.  He is not a horse to saddle and go with.  10 minutes of ground work will pay off before riding every time.  It sets the foundation that you as his rider are in charge.  He doesn’t have bad behaviors under saddle–no buck, and no rear, but he is not slow.  He has a quick pacey trot, and his whoa right now is not a complete stop, he bounces foot to foot at stop, which could be uncomfortable or make a beginner rider nervous.  A little work with adopter and trainer with Joker will make him a stunning trail horse.  His compact build and the way he carries himself is fantastic.  He has a really nice carriage, beautiful gaits, and flags his tail making him absolutely beautiful to watch.  Joker’s adoption fee is $400.