Posted on July 23, 2014


Breed: Quarterhorse

Age: 12

Gender: Gelding

Max came to Safe Harbor with Joker, Rascal, Midnight, and Emma.  Their entire group came from a loving home, but unfortunately, their owner was being deployed to serve our country and had no one to care for her herd.  With a 3 year deployment ahead, she felt the only right answer was to ask Safe Harbor to help in finding a loving home for her horses.

Max had his first training evaluation on 10/16/2014.  Our trainer’s assessment was: Max needs a lot of work and I think a lot of it has to do with just getting settled into his new foster farm.   Leaving the herd he is used to and going to a new place has definitely rocked his world.   He was very cautious of his surroundings and jumpy and he just needs to get settled in.  I told Heather that the next couple weeks Over the next couple of weeks, his foster mom is going to just walk him around the farm get him used to his surroundings and really work on groundwork.   He seems to have forgotten his ground manners, and with as big as a boy he is he’s got the potential to hurt somebody by running them over.  He did fine as I put the saddle and bridal on him. I think he is really rusty and I think he has been babied, he just needs to learn his space with people.  After he gets settled in, and does more groundwork he will be re-evaluated.  At this point, we will re-evaluated and try putting him under saddle around November 1st. Right now he is definitely for an advanced rider.  His adoption fee is $400.