Pepe Le Mew

Posted on August 27, 2014

Pepe Le Mew

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 4 Months

Gender: Male

Pepe showed up all by himself at Safe Harbor as an approximately 2 month old.  He watched us from the creek for a couple of months, darting off if anyone got close–then one day, quite out of the blue he decided to march into the barn and adopt the rescue. Pepe Le Mew now LOVES attention, can’t get enough of being petted and loved on.  He is thrilled to sit on a lap, be held, and just be around people.

Pepe has no fear of horses, and on an average day of working horses he will sit outside the round pen intent on what we are doing like it is the greatest TV show ever made.  He is a good little hunter, as evidenced by the lack of mice in the barn, and the occasional bird feather we find.  We do feed him daily, and he has a voracious appetite, so even as a barn kitty, he will need cat food to supplement.  Because Pepe is so people orientated, he would probably thrive in an indoor/outdoor home.  He has never pottied in the barn, and always takes his business outside.  Pepe’s adoption fee of $35 covers his neuter and vaccinations.  Apply to adopt today!