Posted on August 31, 2014


Breed: Pygmy

Age: 8 Months

Size: 18.1 Pounds

Gender: Wether

Sigmund is a little Pygmy who came to Safe Harbor through Metro Animal Control.  He was picked up stray walking down a Nashville street—with no idea how he ever got there in the first place.  Sigmund had been attacked by a dog, so he is nervous of dogs, but he does LOVE people.

Sigmund became a wether on 08/30/14, and also received his vaccinations on that day.  He is ready for adoption, and will make a fantastic pet.  Due to Sigmund’s small size, it will be very important that his forever home make accomodations to keep him safe from predators.  With Safe Harbor he is grazing outdoors all day, but spending nights safely closed in large size dog crate.  He is very content with this arrangement.  His adoption fee is $50.