Posted on September 1, 2014


Breed: Quarterhorse

Gender: Mare

Size: 14.3hh

Age: 21

Ramie is a special and intuitive young lady.  She has worked for two years as a therapy horse with the Papillon Center for FASD.  Ramie was ready for a less stressful change of pace, and to be a companion and riding horse rather than a therapy horse.  She basically asked the EAGALA therapist that she worked with for retirement from working in therapy, and Safe Harbor is helping her to find her next chapter.

Ramie is broke to ride intermediate level.  She does need more regular time under saddle, as fast movements such as a dog running can spook her and cause her to rear.  Time on the trail and in the round pen will help with this.  Her primary responsibility has been in the arena with children for the past couple of years, so it is simply an experience issue.  Ramie LOVES to stretch her legs.  She is a mare that will run the pasture just for the fun of it, and to feel the wind in her mane.  Watching her is like watching a horse dance on air.  She is fluid, graceful, and has beautiful upward movement.  She knows body cues and her background in therapy keeps her very in tune with her riders thoughts.  You almost just have to think cantor, and she will.  Ramie’s adoption fee is $600, and she is accepting applications now.