Posted on September 29, 2014


Breed: Quarterhorse

Gender: Gelding

Age: 15

Height: 15.2hh


Newman was formerly a rodeo roping horse, and was retired from the rodeo circuit due to carpitis, commonly known as popped knees, which is a fairly common condition resulting from that type of work.  His condition is an old one; he left rodeo about 5 years ago, and on level ground he has been 100% sound at walk and trot with no rider.  Occasionally he will have an arthritic response to weather, and exhibit some lameness.  He has received veterinary clearance to be a WALK horse or lead line horse for a light or child rider.  We are seeking a 100 pound rider weight limit for him, anticipating fully tacked he would carry no more than 150 pounds at any time.  Trot and Cantor for him with a rider are not options, as it could aggravate or worsen his knee inflammation.

Newman is one of the horses that came to us from late Opry legend, Jimmy C.  Newman.  He is a gorgeous QH gelding, impressive by any standard, regardless of his ability to compete or perform at this stage of his life.  He deserves a wonderful loving home, and is so good natured he will be a pleasure to have in your field.  His adoption fee is only $100.