Posted on October 10, 2014


Age: 24

Breed: Palomino

Size: 15.2hh

Gender:  Gelding

Apollo is a sensitive gelding who needs lots of TLC to really learn to trust in his senior years.  He is easy to catch and halter in stall, but may not be sure about being caught in field.  It has been approximately 7 years since he was ridden.  He is healthy and sound, but since his late teens he has basically been a pasture pet, and we are adopting him out as a non-rideable horse.  We would caution anyone wanting to adopt and ride him to get an independent trainers evaluation and plan to commit training time and funds to Apollo if you want to go this direction.  Our adoption team’s choice has been to not train Apollo further since we believe his highest level of contentment is as a pasture pet or companion horse.  His owner’s age, health and finances landed him in rescue.


Photo Nov 15, 12 02 23 AM

Apollo enjoys being groomed, and is good with children on the ground.  He will stand to be brushed and shown affection.  He is a fine with all horses, but has also been pastured solo and did not miss not having a herd for company.  If you are seeking a single horse to be a pasture pet to share your time with, Apollo could be a great option.  He is slightly nervous with the farrier.  He does not require sedation, but does need to have the person he trusts there to encourage him.  He does load and lead with no issues.  If you would like to add Apollo to your family, apply to adopt today!  Apollo just needs a good loving home, and his adoption fee is only $50.