Posted on October 14, 2014


Breed: Boer Goat

Gender: Female (doe)

Size: Approx 80 Pounds

Age: 3

Gretel is famous–she made the news for running wild through East Nashville.  We know this was a terrifying experience for her,  but she did confuse the locals in that urban environment.  One day she slept on someone’s porch and head butted their dog when they came out for a morning walk.  Poor girl was just trying to survive in an area that was complete unsuited to her.  Gretel has a few issues that we are working through.  First, she is fearful.  Time is the only healer for this, and we know she will eventually come around.  Second, she has a broken horn.  It doesn’t bother her, and is an old break, but her horns are not symmetrical anymore and never will be.  Last, but not least, an untreated case of mastitis prior to rescue has left her with an enlarged udder that is permanently damaged with scar tissue.  We are extremely grateful to the team at Metro Animal Control for their work in getting Gretel off the streets.  Without them, her future would not have looked bright at all.  As it is, Gretel does have a great rest of her life ahead of her.

The perfect home for Gretel will be one where there are one or more additional pet goats.  She needs to stay around friendly goats to help her trust of people to grow.  It does not matter if the goats are does or wethers, but she should not be an only goat.  Safe Harbor is a no kill rescue and sanctuary, so we will ONLY seek a home where Gretel can be a forever pet.  Boer goats are raised as meat goats, so we will be extremely cautious to make sure that this never becomes part of her life again.  Our best guess on how Gretel ended up in her predicament in the first place is that her useful life as a breeding doe came to an end due to Mastitis and she escaped a flea market where she was likely being sold to be a meal.  We are thrilled that she got away, and are dedicated to providing her a full natural life where she can be loved forever.  Her adoption fee is $100.