Lucy and Lola

Posted on October 29, 2014

Lucy and Lola

Age: 1.5 Years

Breed: Guinea Pigs

Size: Small

Gender: Female

Lucy and Lola are courtesy posts.  There is no adoption fee for these sweeties, they just need a wonderful home.  These two sisters must stay together.

Lucy and Lola were saved by one of our foster parents when she saw their cage sitting on the front porch of a home in 90 degree weather.  She learned that the daughter who owned them had moved back in with her parents and the parents would not allow the guinea pigs to be indoors.   Rather than letting them die in temperature swings they could not handle, the girls were given to our foster parent for safe keeping until a new home could be found.

These are friendly guinea pigs.  They are not bothered by dogs or cats walking up to their cage.  They love to be snuggled and held, and talk to their people.  If you would like an apartment sized pig to add to your family, then complete our online adoption application, and we will send it directly to their foster home.