Posted on November 13, 2014


Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Age: 7

Height: 13.2hh

Gender: Mare

Elsa is sweet and gentle, though she will hold her own in the herd. She is a blue eyed cremello paint, and is absolutely gorgeous. She lives for human attention, and loves hugs.  Elsa was evaluated in late December.  She was anxious during longing, and needs refresher work on her longing knowledge.  Under saddle she direct reigned and was very willing, though we weren’t entirely able to assess her true knowledge.  Elsa gives us the impression that she is more green than trained, but just works hard to please and doesn’t want to upset the human that is with her.  She would move forward at walk and trot, was not sure about backing, and was fine with left and right.  She does not understand any advanced cues yet.

This young walked will surely make a great horse for someone able to finish out her training.  She is at an ideal weight now, and needs to just start working on fitness and muscle tone.  She is a beautiful soul waiting on a forever home. Elsa does have some photosensitivity in her eyes. We had an eye exam done and her vision is fine. She is not moon blind, and and can see perfectly fine, but due to her photosensitivity she will appreciate a fly mask on bright days. Her adoption fee is $350.