Posted on July 9, 2018


Breed: Arabian

Age: 20 (approx)

Size: 14.2hh

Gender: Mare

Lavena has returned to Safe Harbor after being adopted in 2014. She was the ‘first horse’ for the kids in the family and taught them to ride. Sadly, those kids have grown and moved on to other interests. Lavena has some arthritis and at this stage of her life, is ready to be an ‘around the farm’ horse for an adult, or teach another child to ride. She will not be suitable for hard riding or any sort of performance discipline, and would benefit from a daily joint supplement.

For the past few years Lavena has wanted for nothing, and has had exceptional experience being ridden on the farm by the whole family, and off farm by adults in the family.  She is forward and energetic, so we suggest an intermediate rider for her, though she could do well with a beginner who is taking lessons or is a confident rider. Lavena does well with a bitless bridle, and can be ridden barefoot.   She is a gentle beauty, and ready for her next chapter. Arabians are known as easy keepers who live long and healthy lives.

Lavena’s adoption fee is $350.


The following details and photos are from Lavena’s intake back in 2014 when she was originally rescued:

Lavena came to Safe Harbor from a seizure in partnership with Animal Rescue Corps.  She was BCS 1 on arrival to rescue, and her muscle tone was entirely depleted.  This lovely mare is absolutely trusting and loving.  She just wants her new lease on life, and is willing to fight for it.  Lavena is good with children and dogs in the pasture, and craves attention.

November 19th Update: Lavena was down on the morning of November 19th due to extensive muscle weakness as a result of starvation neglect.  In agreement with our vet, we decided that Lavena should leave her foster home and go stay at the clinic as an inpatient for 7+ days.  Now,  more than ever, we appreciate your support of this sweet mare.

February 4th Update: Lavena has been cleared from rehab and is officially adoptable.   We expect her evaluation to be completed within the next 10 days.  Lavena is broke to ride, and we anticipate that she will be intermediate ready.  She can be a little flighty of fearful objects, but she enjoys accompanying her foster mom on regular hikes through the woods.  Lavena also enjoys a gallop across the property, and is feeling in peak condition now that she has been re-fed, and is once again at a healthy weight.  Lavena is currently eating Triple Crown Senior and Alfalfa Pellets in her foster home.  When she has reached a completely ideal weight her feed can be transitioned to a maintenance diet, but at the present time she is still on a high fat, weight gain protocol.