Posted on November 21, 2014


Age: 2 Years

Size: Will mature to about 14.1hh

Breed: Arabian

Gender: Mare

Cayenne came to Safe Harbor through Animal Rescue Corps’ Operation Good Shepherd.  She was fearful at the time of the seizure, but in less than a week realized how much she LOVED human attention and interaction.  She is just a baby at only 18 months old (specifically, she is the daughter of Chance and Lavena).  Cayenne is a pure bred Arabian, but will be very small, more along the lines of the Polish Arab horses.

Cayenne is starting to learn Filly basics.  She has had a hoof trim and did ok with it, and will continue to have practice in hoof handling.  She is also learning how to load on a trailer.  Cayenne is approximately 23 months old, and ready to begin starting her next step of training.   This young mare is truly a pocket pony, and is gaining more and more trust every day.  Her adoption fee is $300.