Posted on November 23, 2014


Breed: Quarter/Pony

Gender: Mare

Age: 10

Size: 14.1hh

PENDING ADOPTION! is a beautiful quarter pony, charming in every way.  She leads, loads, ties, and is very polite.  She loves children.   She came to us from Operation Good Shepherd, a neglect case in partnership with Animal Rescue Corps.  Fiona was a recent acquisition by the owner in that case, and as a result, but in the best physical condition of any animal on the property–she had not had enough time there yet to lose weight from lack of food. Fiona had her first evaluation on 12/11/14.  She is not ground work experienced, and was a anxious being longed.  We believe the ground work anxiety is a direct result of mistreatment in the home that she came to us from.  When presented with a saddle and bridle though, she stood calmly, dropped her head, and was ready for riding.  Under saddle Fiona direct reined, responded to seat pressure and had exceptionally good manners.  She knows whoa–probably one of the most important things to know!  We believe she will be a reliable trail horse, but also has potential to develop into a phenomenal lesson horse.  Her care and love of children make that a great fit for her.  Our evaluators rated Fiona as intermediate solely because she does need to learn how to do pre-riding ground work, and she needs to learn advanced cues–collection, sidepassing, back, etc.  For walk, trot, cantor, left, right and stop she is ready to roll.  Her adoption fee is $400.




Hi! I’m Fiona and am brand new to Safe Harbor. I am so thrilled and excited about Christmas. The kids in my foster home have told me all about it! My wish list is for a personalized halter, boots for when I exercise, and a Tractor Supply gift card for my Omolene 100 horse feed! Thank you for considering me to be your Equine Angel! You can find my wish list by clicking here!