Posted on February 4, 2015


Breed: Llama

Gender: Male

Age: Approx 10

Franz is the friendly llama.  He enjoys hand feeding, long walks in the woods, and making horses nervous simply by existing. Franz came to rescue with Hans, and is the smaller of the two boys, but also the more trusting of the two.  He is being handled daily in his foster home, and will make an excellent pet.  Franz is not really trained to lead, but can be directed moderately well on lead, and takes a halter.  He does not enjoy loading on a trailer.  The ideal placement for both of these boys is a farm where they can be pets, sheared annually.  They are very interesting pets, and are sure to make their new owner quite popular simply because of their uniqueness.  They are good boys, and fun to have around.  His adoption fee is $250.