Posted on February 4, 2015


Breed: Donkey

Size: Small Standard

Gender: Jennet

Princess is extremely loving and snuggly.  She does not love having her hooves trimmed, but her small size makes her easy to handle for the farrier, and she is not terrible–not a kicker–just fussy.  She leads, loads, and ties well, and enjoys being groomed.  Princess is excellent with children, and will make a perfect pet donkey for grooming and quality time.  She is a gorgeous spotted girl.  Princess is very bonded to Maestro, and while available for adoption seperately, priority will be given to homes considering offering a home to Princess and Maestro together.  These two are good with dogs, and more than likely would be good with goats as well.  They are just little long eared loves.

Princess does have a history of physical abuse and starvation neglect.  As such, her adoptive family will need to be very cautious to feed appropriately.  In her foster home she is eating Purina Strategy and quality hay.  Princess’ adoption fee is $250.