Posted on September 15, 2013







On April 4, 2014 Duke was attacked by a roaming dog. He left this world quickly, and painlessly. Duke flies free after spending almost 2 full years on the Safe Harbor pond as a permanent resident. We will miss his chattering quacks.

We figured out where the term “Wing Man” came from when Duke came to Safe Harbor.  Duke is a little Mallard guy, and he is Talbott’s wing man through and through.  He steps in when Sport and Lucy get too bossy, and is his brother in feather, around the pond.

Duke came to Safe Harbor with siblings, but as Mallards will do, the siblings journeyed off to other ponds or migrated, leaving Duke as the sole mallard at the pond….truly, much to the relief of the other ducks.  Mallards in a group chatter non stop, and the other ducks couldn’t even hear themselves think.

We love seeing Duke waddle along behind Sport and Talbott everywhere they go.