Posted on September 15, 2013



Otis passed away in his sleep on the morning of April 8, 2014 at his loving Safe Harbor Forever Foster Home. He will be loved and cherished forever, and is remembered fondly by his foster parents Katie and John; as well as the entire Safe Harbor family. Otis was estimated to be 42 Years Old.



Otis, or Mr. Spunkmeyer to be more formal, is our oldest equine at Safe Harbor.  This appaloosa gentleman is almost 40 years old!  Otis is gentle and kind, but is a handful to take care of.  He sunburns easily, and also tires easily.  In fact, he often falls asleep while eating, and has to be woken to finish he meals.  His teeth are worn so he cannot chew long hay, and must get chopped hay to eat.  Otis has extremely soft fur, and tender skin.  The vet says he is in overall good condition given his age, and all he needs is palliative care, and lots of love and TLC for the remainder of his life.  We adore  our Otis Spunkmeyer.  Please consider sponsoring his cost of care, which is about $100/month for appropriate feed.


Otis, Asleep at the wheel