Safe Harbor Receives Retired Racers Initiative Grant from the ASPCA!

Posted on July 6, 2016

Safe Harbor Receives Retired Racers Initiative Grant from the ASPCA!

Safe Harbor is very pleased to announce that on July 6, 2016 we were selected as recipients for the 2016 Retired Racers Grant Initiative from the ASPCA.  We have received a very generous award that will be invested directly into our training programs for retired race horses that come into our care.

The first use of funds as outlined in our grant proposal will be for a buggy and harness so we can showcase the Standardbred Harness Racing horses in pleasure driving disciplines as well as under saddle.  The Standardbred breed is extremely versatile and can be retrained in English, Western Pleasure, Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Barrel Racing, Team Penning and other competitive disciplines.  Our after the track trainers have experience with all of these and utilize their skills for both Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses that come to rescue for new careers.  In addition to these riding disciplines, the Standardbred horses are excellent prospects for pleasure driving; specifically given their history as harness racing horses.  This grant opens up new avenues for training and showcasing the versatility of race horses and rescue.

Pleasure Driving

Pleasure driving is gaining interest in Tennessee, and is a much needed avenue of exposure for rescue horses, and retired racers.  With the new ability in showmanship provided via the ASPCA and the Retired Racers Grant; the Safe Harbor show team will show retired racers at Open Shows throughout Middle Tennessee to be ambassadors for adoption, and continue to open new avenues for discussion of horse rescue, retired race horses, and the Standardbred and Thoroughbred breeds.

Additional usage of funds from this generous grant will be distributed as needed to assist with transport fees for horses traveling to Safe Harbor from track owners, trainers, or auction on an as needed basis.

Safe Harbor is committed to utilizing the funds from this grant in a manner that will help the most horses possible and continue to raise awareness of the need for homes and solutions for horses once their racing career ends.