Kit Kat

Posted on September 16, 2013

Kit Kat

Age: 32

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Gender: Mare

Kit Kat is a special needs senior who will live the remainder of her life with Safe Harbor as she has experienced a lot of unkindness in her life.  She came to us a skeleton–we really weren’t sure she would make it, but she has slowly rejuvenated and gotten well.  Her feet show signs of cruel and inhumane treatment–scarring from spiked shoes and soring.  Her body has all the hallmarks of over-breeding, but through it all Kit Kat has a calm and gentle demeanor and simple wants gentle TLC.

As we see with many of our horses that have experienced cruelty, Kit Kat is generally always calm around children.  We think she senses the innocence of children, and it sets her at ease.  She does get nervous with the farrier, and needs a person she knows and trusts to be with her and re-assure her that she won’t be hurt–not surprising given the evidence of abuse that will stay forever in her feet.

She is a favorite around the main farm, as she has slowly relearned to trust and knows that every hand that reaches for her is there to offer comfort, and not pain.  Kit Kat has started her own custom physical therapy program.  She is on arthritis supplements, and you will find her jogging on lead line with one of our volunteers, and occasionally ponied off another horse at walk on a ride around the farm.  This keeps her engaged and alert, and brings joy to her life, since her days of ride-ability are in the past.

That said, she is a very special needs horse.  In the winter she eats pure alfalfa hay because she cannot chew orchard/timothy, and Bermuda will not maintain her weight.  She eats Triple Crown Senior, with 2 servings daily, totaling approximately 12 pounds.  She takes a daily arthritis supplement, and every 6 weeks takes a 3 week run of an immune booster.  She is also on probiotics and weight builders.  During the winter months she stays on a blanket rotation, and on especially cold nights her foster mom has even gotten up multiple times during the night to provide her with warm apple juice to keep her hydrated and warm.

We would like to acknowledge some very special people who have made Kit Kat’s forever spot in Safe Harbor possible:

Katie Flynn – for her donation of a Back on Track Therapeutic Blanket for Kit Kat

Dawn Roberts – for a new Winter blanket for Kit Kat for Winter 2014



This is Kit Kat’s second Christmas at Safe Harbor. She knew it was coming up again and said, “Last year Miss Katie got me a Back on Track Blanket and it was the best thing for me for my arthritis. This year, I just have a couple of simple requests to help me maintain my good health in my senior years.


If you would consider sponsoring me this holiday season, I will thank you with slobbery nuzzles. You can see my registry by clicking here.