A Season of Accolades – October Newsletter

Posted on October 28, 2016

A Season of Accolades – October Newsletter
October 2016  – A Season Of Accolades

In horse rescue we don’t necessarily get a lot of attention.  The world in general isn’t highly knowledgable about horse and livestock neglect, horse slaughter, soring and the other issues which we work to prevent.  It’s an uphill battle to work with law enforcement and legislature.  Let’s face it…most of America understands and loves dogs, but horses are perceived to be a hobby of the wealthy by most, and the needs of horses aren’t widely known.  The view point that every horse is a Derby horse or a Steeplechase horse is about as accurate as every dog being televised at Westminster.  It’s OUR job to spread that knowledge, and our job to care for the neglected while the world learns that all animals need and deserve compassionate care.

Every good word we receive while doing this work boosts our morale, and encourages us on in this challenging environment, so we were utterly thrilled when the ASPCA named us a “Model Organization For Equine Fostering”
and then invited us to speak at the National Homes for Horses Coalition Conference along side them.

Less than two weeks later, we were honored by Ovation Equestrian with a Standing Ovation!

Our hearts are full, and we are so grateful for the positive feedback on this work that MUST continue.

At this writing, we are aiding 34 adoptable horses, one pig, and 12 sanctuary horses.  We have 5 horses on legal hold, awaiting their day in court to find out if they have earned their safety and freedom.  Our most recent neglect arrivals, Einar, Isabella and Flash are recovering well, and have surgeries for castration and eye issues on the horizon.  We are actively preparing for Winter, and will be hosting the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries on November 7th for our on site Accreditation Inspection. You have made all of this possible, and it is with gratitude that we say a very sincere, “THANK YOU.”

Featured Adoption
A little grey donkey hobbled into a field, barely able to walk, and underweight.  He was also a jack. Meet Fella.  The field owner called us, and Fella was vetted, fed, castrated, and had his feet corrected.  Yesterday, Fella journeyed to his happily ever after with a family that was approved and just waiting for a handsome grey donkey to find their home and hearts.  Congratulations, Fella!
Featured Adoptable
Savannah has been with Safe Harbor and waiting for her Happily Ever After for more than a year now.  October 15th marks the one year anniversary for this extremely sweet and easy going TWH Mare.  She gets along with everyone, has had several rides under saddle, and is green broke.  Savannah is an easy keeper with a good head on her shoulders, and ready for adoption!
Volunteer Spotlight
Stephanie wanted to combine her love of horses and her passion for animal health into her volunteerism, and we have been thrilled to welcome her as a Safe Harbor Volunteer.  When Stephanie isn’t busy as a mother and pre-vet student you’ll find her at one of our Safe Harbor foster farms helping to groom, care for and rehabilitate horses in need. Stephanie, we appreciate you so much.  Thank you!
Holistic Corner
Soft hooves, thin soles, bacteria..all of them can leave you wondering what to do your your horse.  Barefoot or shod, Venice Turpentine may be the answer!

What is this stuff?  It’s the distilled sap of the larch tree.  Used on the sole of the hoof it will dry, harden and disinfect all in one.  If you are currently using bleach or iodine soaks for your horse, this may be a great new alternative that not only disinfects, but improves overall hoof health.

Application is easy, just pick the hoof, grab a small paintbrush and paint the sole around the frog.  You can also paint the hoofwall.  For even longer lasting results, wrap the painted hoof wall with brown paper.

This is a great smelling, organic, and holistic approach to continuous hoof health.

November 5: Family Day Celebration at Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin

November 12: Prospective New Volunteer Open House in Cottontown

December 10: Gallatin Christmas Parade

Lend A Helping Hoof

Safe Harbor is currently seeking volunteers for the following:

  • Horse Biographer
  • Transport Coordinator
  • Tumblr Blogger
  • Transport Volunteers
  • Training Volunteers and Fosters
  • Social Media including Twitter and Instagram

Volunteer Orientation To Be Held November 12!


$5 Friday
If you follow us on social media you’ve seen us #FiveDollarFriday. To those of you who already donate $5 weekly, we thank you.  If you are wondering waht this initiative is…well….it’s the theory that if all of our supporters band together, just committing to $5 once a week or  even once a month, we can change the world together.  Please consider starting your $5 Friday donations today!  Just Click here to make a one time or recurring donation.  It’s that easy.
New Arrivals
When one of our volunteers saw Einar listed online as a beginner broke horse for sale, we knew we had to act.  The veritable skeleton in the photo was being ridden by a grown man with spurs on.  With quick action, Einar was saved, but over his first week we had two separate occasions where we thought we might lose him.  Einar is now stable, but has months to go before he will be at a “healthy” weight.  In addition to weight issues, Einar is working through hoof care needs, and being treated for rain rot.  Einar is in need of sponsorship to support his recovery. He is a perfect example of how #fivedollarfriday saves lives.  With your support, Einar now lives.
We found Isabella and Flash on the same property as Einar and there was no way whatsoever we could leave them behind.  Only a year old, Isabella is emaciated and had open puncture wounds on her back infested with maggots, and very scabby and sore rain rot infection.

Her eye also tells the story of abuse.  One eye has been poked out with a stick, and Isabella will require an expensive enucleation surgery to find comfort.  This surgery will cost approximately $500.  Your continued support will make that possible for Isabella and help her lead a full and healthy life from this point forward.

Two year old, Flash is a little Quarter Pony.  He probably would have been a quarter horse if malnutrition hadn’t stunted his growth.

Flash is still a stud, but he is far too interested, and appreciative of food to even ponder what that means at this point in his recovery from neglect.  That said, we know it, and his castration is soon to be scheduled–as soon as he gains the 100 additional pounds he needs to be healthy enough for sedation.

Flash’s surgery will cost $200, and he is need of rehabilitation sponsorship.  Can you be an angel for Flash while he prepares himself for life as an adopted horse?

Willow came out of one of the worst neglect cases we responded to in 2015 in partnership with Animal Rescue Corps.  She had a very bad eye and a lot of fear issues.

The ruptured eye was removed, but in the process of Willow receiving her eye care we learned she had chronic uveitis or Moon Blindness and eventually will go completely blind.  This lovely Arabian’s fear was due to sight issues and pain.

Willow receives daily eye medications which cost $100 a month and is also on an eye health supplement.

Wilow’s other specific needs is her feed, which can be purchased from Tractor Supply or through a monthly senior sponsorship

What’s around the bend for Safe Harbor?

We’re currently preparing for Winter, and in addition to the financial needs of running a horse rescue in Winter, we will be holding our next volunteer open house on November 12th.  Some of the specific helps that Volunteers provide in winter are feeding horses, blanketing horses, stocking hay, and grooming.

For the horses in rescue the goal is training, training training.  Our Safe Harbor show team has gone to several schooling shows through late Summer, and now that show season as died down, we’ll be in the arenas and round pens of our foster farms preparing horses for adoption.  Our current intensive trainees are Maisie, Dream, Buttercup, Dublin, and Red, though we hope to grow that number and have more than 5 horses in full training at a time.  This is made possible through skilled volunteers that lend their experience to the horses.

We always do an Ebay Auction fundraiser at Christmas time, and this year will be no different.  Keep an eye out for wonderful, one of a kind, and unique items to help you with your Christmas shopping, knowing that 100% goes to the horses.  Next time you hear from us it will be the holiday season.  We can’t believe it is coming up that soon.  Please know our hearts are full of gratitude towards you, and we look forward to being part of your family this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Until then our sincere thanks,

Sariah, Shannon, Allison, Kathy and Benjamin
and the rest of the Safe Harbor Team.