Thursday Thoughts – Red Tape

Posted on November 17, 2016

Thursday Thoughts – Red Tape

Oh boy.  It happened again this week.  We received an adoption inquiry followed by a commentary. “Ya’ll have too much red tape, so I’ll just get a horse elsewhere.”

Really?  We ask for the basics..who you are, who is your vet, who is your farrier, what is your horse experience?

These are questions that anyone–EVERYONE–rehoming a horse SHOULD ask.  We call the vet and farrier, and if there are none, we’ll visit face to face.  It’s just that simple.  We work on matching.  We aren’t trying to sell a horse, get a horse out of our care or move one on too quickly.  Our goal is the right human for the right horse, and yes, in our world, the horse comes first.     What do you get in return?

Well, let’s start that list:

  • A LIFETIME GUARANTEE – yes, whatever horse you adopt can come back to us at any time for any reason.
  • FULL VETTING – That means wellness exam, shots, coggins, additional medications if needed, diagnostics if needed, and you get all of those records.
  • A TEMPERAMENT EVALUATION – From a qualified trainer who wants to make sure that the horse you are adopting never ends up at risk again.  That means there is no point in “over-selling” the horse. (Funny story on that one…recently one of our team members was contacted on Facebook, and then BLOCKED on Facebook,  because she told the prospective adopter that the horse in question was too hot natured and would be a dangerous match–here’s a funny response to that [not G rated] You Blocked Me On Facebook).
  • A TRAINING EVALUATION – Yes, the horse is ground-worked, longed, tested in multiple environments, and even given professional training.
  • A CONTRACT – You may consider that to be more red tape, but that contract is binding on us as well as for you, and states that your adoption fee is refundable, exchangeable, and that we are a support network for you and your horse.

Cut Red Tape Word Cloud

So here is our Thursday Thought.  What is Red Tape?  Red Tape is useless fluff that gets in the way.  Red Tape is policy without purchase. Red Tape is interference.  Red Tape is confusing.  As the word cloud points out it is wasteful, unnecessary, redundant and worse.

There is not a single question on our adoption application that is red tape.  For every question there is an ESSENTIAL purpose.  Every question has verifiable purpose.  Every question is procedural to make sure that the horses who leave us go to happy homes with humans.

A final Thursday Thought?  The last person who told us that our process was unnecessary went to ride a horse off Craigslist and broke her back.  So, the next time you are completing an adoption application either with us, a dog, cat, livestock or other rescue, the question you should be asking is this:

  • “Does this application protect me from harm?”
  • “Does this application tell enough about me that the rescue will not suggest an animal that is inappropriate for me?”
  • “If taking 15 minutes to complete a form is a burden, am I prepared for the labor involved in caring for the animal I wish to adopt?”