Thursday Thoughts – The Christmas Horse

Posted on December 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts – The Christmas Horse

Most of us at Safe Harbor have been around the block in rescue for a while, and we’ve found there is one place we differ from a lot of rescues at Christmas.  We LOVE the idea of people receiving a horse from rescue as a gift.

In fact, we think a Safe Harbor horse is the most perfect gift in the whole wide world!

Now there are some caveats to that, so let’s clear the red tape first.

  • An adoption application is required for all horses from a responsible adult who will be a caretaker for the horse.
  • One family cannot “Surprise” another family with a gift of a horse.
  • We will always do our best to match the horse with the skill level of the gift recipient.

christmas-pony-1See, in most cases, a pony for Christmas is a gift given from a parent or grandparent to a teenager or a child, and it is a decision that has had much contemplation put into it by the family.  Occasionally, it is a gift from a husband to a wife.  In these cases research done by the ASPCA, Humane Society of the United States, and other agencies who research animal welfare has shown that animals given as gifts are loved and cherished as much or more as those who are acquired under non-gift circumstances.  In fact, the relationship of the giver to the recipient often adds and entirely new layer of love over the relationship.  Imagine being given a horse by a dearly loved grandparent, and having that horse to love and cherish long after your grandparent has passed away.  It is a friendship that keeps your grandparent with you as a friend for years as you reconcile and mourn your loss.

We’ve consulted other rescues, research analytics, our own histories, hearts and consciences, and come to the conclusion, that most of you–like us–would have loved and cherished a horse forever.  Making dreams come true is just one of the side perks of rescue, and this time of year is a big time for us.  December 25th for most of us is a morning when we’ll wake up and have some of the wishes of our hearts desires placed in front of us.  If that wish has 4 hooves and a sweet fuzzy nose, then all the better.  Merry Christmas, and we wish for all good horsemen and women to have #APonyForChristmas