Posted on September 29, 2013


Nor’Easter is a 20-something Appaloosa Mare.  She was abandoned in Northern Sumner County, TN….presumably because Nor’E has some health issues.  She is a very gentle horse, but Nor’E has extensive cartilage buildup in her rear hock from an old injury, which has left her comfortable on her own, but too lame to be ridden.  She does take bute off and on if she has a bad arthritis day.

In addition to her swollen hock, Nor’Easter suffers from benign melanomas.  Right now, she has masses on each side of her face, and on the underside of her tail muscle.  For now, Dr.’s orders are to watch and observe.  Nor’Easter did not respond to prescription medications, but we tried alternative therapy with her, and she has done very well, and even recovered with the use of Turmeric Paste which her foster mom makes for her.

A close up image of one of Nor'Easter's melanomas.

A close up image of one of Nor’Easter’s melanomas.

Nor’Easter eats senior feed, and takes a daily joint supplement to ease her arthritis.  She has great quality of life, and is BFF’s with her foster family’s gelding, Butch.  If you would like to sponsor Nor’Easter, please consider a donation to Safe Harbor!  As a sanctuary mare, Nor’Easter will live with Safe Harbor for the rest of her life, and get all the love, care, and support she needs.



Nor’Easter is celebrating her second Christmas with Safe Harbor. When asked what she wanted in her stocking this year, she said, “Last year at Christmas I was very very sick. I heard Foster Mom and Dad say many times that they were afraid I was not going to make it. I’m a fighter though, and with their help and alternative treatment with Turmeric Paste (my prescriptions just weren’t working), I was able to get well again. This Winter I would like to be able to stay warm and have therapy for my leg–oh, and peppermints. Peppermints sound really good right now.  

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