Posted on May 8, 2017


Breed: Appendix

Age: 17

Size: 16.3HH

Tashi is a beautiful Appendix mare who came to Safe Harbor after a two year abandonment at a boarding facility.  During this time period Tashi did not receive routine hoof care or grain, so on her arrival she was underweight and quite sore on her feet with white line and abcesses.  She was however well mannered–if not a little pushy.

We have been informed by Tashi’s former owner that she was hunter trained in her earlier life. Tashi is an unregistered (or we do not have her registration at least) Appendix.  We recommend front shoes for her for soundness and comfort.  Tashi likely had an old injury to a hip that put her on rest for a show career; untreated she amended her movement and does not extend to her full potential in her front.  With repeat chiropractic and riding long and low this will correct over time, but could be an extended period to get back 100%.  She is more than willing to cooperate through physical therapy and is ride-able now, and totally a beauty.  She has the complete package; Personality that shines, sweet non-mare-ish demeanor, eager to please, easy to handle.  Her adoption fee is $700.

To apply to adopt Tashi, Please CLICK HERE.

About Her Name: Tashi’s name comes from The Color Purple, the Pulitzer Price winning novel by Alice Walker.  Tashi is a girl in the Olinka village. Tashi is torn between her Olinka culture and the more modern world that Nettie and Olivia introduce to her. After years with Nettie and Olivia, Catherine realizes that education is important and that she is free to change her views once her husband is dead. Not officially educated, Tashi learns from Olivia but succumbs to tribal ceremonies as a method of holdng to her heritage​.

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