Posted on May 9, 2017


Breed: Pony

Age: 15 Years

Size: 13HH

Gilbert Is On Hold For Rally For The Rescues Trainer’s Challenge

Gilbert is a cute gaited pony, about 15 years old and 13hh.  He is training with Meridian Equine Education Institute in conjunction with Rally for the Rescues Trainer’s Challenge.  Gilbert will receive 110 days of training, and go through the competition with a child rider.

This beautiful flashy boy has child’s pony written all over him!  His adoption fee is $750, and he will be able to go to his new forever home in September at the culmination of the competition.  Apply to adopt now, and be part of Gilbert’s journey through training and the competition!

You can apply to adopt Gilbert by CLICKING HERE.

About His Name: Gilbert was named for Gilbert Blythe from L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. A handsome, smart, witty and chivalrous classmate who has a crush on Anne the moment he sees her. Unaware of Anne’s near-pathological sensitivity about her red hair, he tries to get Anne’s attention by holding her braid and calling her “Carrots!” Anne’s explosively hostile reaction only causes Gilbert to be more smitten. He makes several attempts to apologize, the failure of all of which do not seem to mar his admiration. He attempts to apologize one last time when he saves Anne from drowning; Anne crassly rebuffs this attempt, only to regret it almost immediately. Years later, he gives up his job offer of teaching at the Avonlea school so that Anne may live at Green Gables, upon which the two reconcile and become good friends.