Posted on June 16, 2017


Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Age: 17 Approx

Size: 15.2HH

Dorian is a gorgeous strawberry roan walking horse.  He currently gets nervous around new people and new situations.  He is working on ground work to build in trust in his relationships.  Though he has been ridden in the past, we have not yet started riding him in rescue as he needs work on foundational skills.

Dorian’s temperament reminds us of horses we have had in the past that we know have been victims of soring, and we assume he has, too.  He runs to the back of his stall with fearful eye and tense muscles if you enter the stall with him.  He is improving at this with repetition and learning that he does not need to fear.  When handled he seems to be waiting for abuse to start, and expecting it.  He just tenses up in fear, but he does not act out or do anything naughty.

On the flip side, if you just open his stall door and step to the side, he’ll calmly walk in, and he has a good education; he just needs the time to work through his fear to become a versatile horse.  Dorian’s fee is set at $300 to an appropriate home who will understand his background and help with his lifelong journey towards healing.