Goats – Various

Posted on August 10, 2017

Goats – Various

In May of 2017 Safe Harbor assisted Maury County Animal Control in the legal removal of over 120 animals of multiple species from a neglectful home.

Among this group of animals is a herd of goats; primarily LaMancha/Myotonic Crosses.  Court for this case settled in July of 2017 and the herd is seeking a forever home.  We are not asking an adoption fee for any of the Maury County Goats, but there are some things you need to know before applying to adopt:

  • This herd WAS exposed to CL+ Goats.  See below for what CL is.
  • This herd HAS been quarantined for 60 days, and no members of the herd are showing active signs of CL.
  • Many members of the herd have a chronic cough, which is being treated as Haemonchus contortus fluid buildup.
  • The goats are being treated with extra-label anthelmintics under veterinary guidance.
  • Above normal treatment with dewormers (anthelmintics) may be needed for an extended period of time post adoption.

As a potential adopter, these are all important things to know.  Yes, these goats are gorgeous, friendly, and will make great pets.  But yes, they are special needs.  If you have goats of your own already we will require you to do independent research on CL and consult with your veterinarian to determine whether adding these goats to your herd is a risk you are willing to take.  We are happy to let your vet confer with our vet as well.

If you do not have other goats and are willing to adopt knowing that you may need to talk to your vet regularly about deworming and related symptoms, then you are probably a perfect new family for these sweet ladies.

We do adopt to pet homes only.  These goats may not be slaughtered and consumed and they may not be bred.  We recognize that this is a lot of information, but we always want to make sure adopters have full disclosure on any Safe Harbor adopted animal.  There is no adoption fee–if interested in adopting, please complete our adoption application today and select Maury Goats as your preferred animal.

Read more about Haemonchus Contortus Here: http://www.aces.edu/pubs/docs/U/UNP-0078/UNP-0078.pdf