Posted on August 13, 2017


Age: 14 (approx)
Breed: Standardbred
Height: 14.3 hands
Rider level: Intermediate/Advanced

Javert came to Safe Harbor through our partnership with Standardbred Retirement Foundation.  He is an unregistered trotter standie with a lofty stride and elegant movement about him. He’s suited to any form of sport discipline and the options for him are unlimited. He’s on the smaller side for a standardbred; about 14.3hh. He’s built nicely, with a pretty w/t/c. Javert is broke to ride, but he is NOT a beginner horse.  He needs an experienced and soft hand to work with as he can be sensitive.  He is not spooky, and he is easy to catch, lead and load. Javert is approximately 14 years old.  His adoption fee is $400.

About his name:  Javert was named for Inspector Javert from Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel Les Miserables.  Victor Hugo depicts Javert as a character who is not simply villainous, but rather tragic in his misguided and self-destructive pursuit of justice. “Javert was a compound,” Hugo writes, “of two sentiments, simple and good in themselves, but he made them almost evil by his exaggeration of them: respect for authority and hatred of rebellion.” He is “absolute”, a “fanatic”. This fanatical absolutism allows him to divine a “straight path through all that is most tortuous in the world”.  Hugo’s Javert was without any vices, and had a moral foundation built strictly on legalism.

Javert is an adoptable Standardbred