Posted on January 7, 2018


Breed: Mini Horse; Born 2011; Gender: Gelding

Sponsorship Status: Fully Sponsored With Love By Marla Smith.

Mozart joined Safe Harbor in 2016 during a neglect intake of a large herd of minis.  The herd had owned by a well-meaning individual who was just in over their head.  They did not understand that miniature horses have the same care requirements as large horses, dietary restrictions, hoof care and more.  They did not understand that miniature horses must be trained like full size horses to be good equine citizens.  The result was a herd of a significant size with issues like founder, urinary obstruction and more.  Mozart instantly stood out from the herd.  There was a softness in his eye that we could tell even while scared he wanted love.  We knew he had something a little more to him, and brought him to our training center for recovery.

Mozart has thrived. He has a good nature and gets along with all other animals in the training center.  He has gone to churches, schools, the Garden Show and more to teach others about equine welfare.  He is a favorite of visitors to the farm whether they come to volunteer or for therapeutic experiences.  Mozart is in sanctuary with Safe Harbor and will live his whole life in th rescue.