Posted on January 7, 2018



Breed: TWH; Born 2005 approx; Gender: Mare

Sponsorship Status: Needs A Sponsor

Estelle joined Safe Harbor in one of the largest cruelty and neglect seizures ever to take place in the state of Tennessee.  54 Tennessee Walking Horses were being kept on 4 acres in Giles County.  Estelle was a body score of 1, filthy, matted, and shut down.  She also had EPM, a disease carried through possum feces, that can cause neurologic damage.  Estelle’s EPM was treated with Marquis at a cost of over $3,000.  She no longer has EPM, but she does have permanent neurologic damage from the EPM.  Estelle will never be rideable, and she has significan trust issues with people, and shudders when she is handled.  She does well in pasture with other horses.  As a result of Estelle’s permanent condition she will live her whole life in Safe Harbor.  Estelle is a beautiful dapple gray with silver mane and tail.  Will you be her sanctuary sponsor to help her carry on for a good life to make up for the horror she endured?