Posted on February 16, 2018



Salt-N-Pepa, or Pepa as we call her in foster is an approximately 20 year old leopard appaloosa mare that came to us with a digestive issue that is still in a diagnostic phase.  Pepa has chronic loose stools, and issues digesting her food properly.  We have run fecals, are treating proactively for ulcers, and have a rectal exam pending (her veterinarian is currently on maternity leave, so we have a couple week delay before we can continue with further diagnostics).  We believe her issues are very fixable and are not related to any form of cancer or anything more insidious.

Pepa is an absolute darling on the ground.  Exceptional manners, gentle, craves attention, stands ground tied for grooming or blanketing, and has no issues with the farrier.  She is not currently food motivated, but we suspect that is due to her perpetually upset tummy, and once that is under control she should be perkier about food.

Pepa is not yet cleared for adoption, but is seeking sponsors and accepting applications for adoption for when she is healthy and ready.