Posted on November 20, 2013


Our darling Oreo died peacefully in her sleep at only 6 weeks old.  We will forever miss her, and never understand why her little life was so short.  She will rest forever at the beautiful farm that she called her home.

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Age: Born Approx 10/22/13

Gender: Female (not yet spayed)

Oreo was found by a young girl stray, lost, alone and sick.  She had scratched her eye and the eye infection got so bad that Oreo had to have one eye surgically removed.  Before you say no to this kitty because she has one eye read on…

Oreo is adorable!  She jumps, climbs, plays, is litter trained, and does all the cute and adorable things that kittens do.  She is healthy, happy, and loves to cuddle and snuggle.  This little one is so cute and funny–she actually loves warm bathes and being blow dried.  She’ll lay on her back, close her eye, and shimmy in the warm air.  At only 1 pound at 4 weeks old, we think she will be a relatively small cat when full grown.

2013-11-19 20.48.50Oreo is good with dogs and other cats.  She is a great baby!  We will waive her adoption fee with signing of a spay contract assuring us that her adopter will have her spayed at 4 months of age (which can be done for $10 at Nashville Humane or $35 at Sumner Spay/Neuter).

Apply to adopt Oreo today!