Maestro Jericho J

Posted on April 1, 2018

Maestro Jericho J

Jericho is a 10 year old Percheron Thoroughbred cross.  He is in all around good health and has never known abuse–he came to us after his loving owner passed away.

Jericho needs an experienced owner who won’t let him get away with being big and bossy.  He knows he is big, and will push someone around who is not assertive with him, but he responds very well to correction.  He is about 16.2hh and over 1200 pounds; as such we will want someone with prior horse experience who understands leadership to be his forever home.

Jericho stands for the farrier and is broke to ride.  He is however, a horse without a strong work ethic.  If allowed, he will lay down about 10 minutes in to a ride; not dangerously, he just wants to suggest that work is over-rated.  He can be trained out of this, but it will take persistence from someone able to read his cues and push him past the attempted lay down who is committed to letting him know that he needs to follow leadership not take the lead role.

Jericho leads, loads, ties, and does all aspects of basic horsemanship well.  He is sound barefoot.

His adoption fee is $1,250.