Equine Good Citizen

Posted on April 6, 2018

Equine Good Citizen

Equine Good Citizen.  If you follow our social media it’s a term you are sure to have seen.  If you have heard our executive director speak you will likely have heard her use the term as well.

What does Equine Good Citizen mean?  We believe that not every horse has a future post rescue as a riding horse, but that every horse does have to be an equine good citizen to have a good future quality of life.

An equine good citizen does not:

  • Kick
  • Bite
  • Strike
  • Pull on lead

An equine good citizen does:

  • Lead
  • Load
  • Stand Straight Tied or Cross Tied or Both
  • Stands for the farrier
  • Stands for blood draw/vaccinations
  • Respects being in stall
  • Picks up all feet for a handler with a basic knowledge of horses
  • Is generally caught easily in field with or without an incentive such as a treat or food

Regardless of the ability level, size, or age of a horse, we believe in Equine Good Citizen training.  Even our senior companion only horses will receive this level of knowledge at Safe Harbor.  If a horse is not yet an equine good citizen, then in good conscience we do not believe that the horse is at a level where he/she can be safely and developmentally owned by anyone other than a trainer.  As a horse owner, even if you don’t plan on riding your horse, we encourage you to have your horse trained to an equine good citizen level.    In the event of an emergency it can mean the difference of life or death for your horse.  On the day to day basis, these are the key building blocks of a good relationship.  If training your horse to an equine good citizen level is beyond your ability, just ask us, and we will gladly provide a referral to a great local trainer who you can hire to assist you.