Little Man

Posted on December 15, 2013

Little Man

Age: 5

Breed: Quarterhorse (Registered Name: Silver Fistful)

Size: 14.2hh

Gender: Gelding

This gorgeous dapple grey gelding is ready and waiting to make your pasture look more beautiful.  He has great QH looks, with a flowing mane and tail, and the coloring that everyone From Matt12seeks.  Little Man is kind and gentle, and learning quickly that people are his friends.  He enjoys being brushed and groomed and having time in stall.  He is slowly becoming comfortable with hoof trims.

Little Man is SPECIAL NEEDS.  He has High Ringbone in his front legs, most pronounced in his front right.  While this can be managed with very little cost, and is not an expensive special need to handle, Little Man needs a home where he can be a pasture pet, and not expected to perform, compete or go on rides.  He will be an ideal companion animal as he gets along well with both mares and geldings, is calm, and not dominant.

Treatment protocol for Little Man is as follows:

1) Regular Hoof Trims by a quality farrier.  Little Man’s toes need to be kept short and rolled for good break-over.

2) Supplementation for osteoarthritis.  In rescue we use an herb blend of Yucca, White Willow and Comfrey.  A year’s supply of this supplement costs approx $50, so it is only 13 cents a day.

If you feel you can offer Little Man a loving home where he can have a happy life, please apply to adopt today.  Because he is a special needs gelding his adoption fee will be waived to the right home.

Pedigree: Sire’s Side

Pedigree: Dam’s Side



I’m Little Man, and I have been at Safe Harbor the longest of all of the adoptable horses–because I am special needs. I was born with arthritis in all 4 of my feet. It’s a condition called high ringbone, and it does hurt sometimes. That’s why I have just one item on my wish list. These back on track wraps are made just for my condition. If I had these it would make things like hoof trims so much less stressful for me! Please consider making me your Equine Angel! You can find a link the pastern wraps here!