Dr. Dre

Posted on September 7, 2018

Dr. Dre

Breed:  Mini-Sheltand cross

Age:  Approx. 8 1/2

Height:  Approx. 10 hands

Gender:  Gelding

Dr. Dre came to us as an owner surrender, still a stallion, underweight, overgrown feet, aggressive, and barely halter broke. He’d been locked in a barn because he would not stay in his fence. Dre was immediately gelded, and he was one of our demo horses in our training clinic with Andy Blevins.

Dre is likely a mini-shetland cross. A small pinto with one blue eye, Dre has a typical pony personality. He will test his boundaries, although he trusts and interacts with children more confidently than he does with adults. At his foster home, the neighbor’s children have done a huge amount of work with him to prepare him for his new home. Dre’s conformation will limit him to being a pet/companion or driving pony, and he is recommended for a knowledgeable owner. Dre is current on all vet and farrier care. His adoption fee is $250.


Dr Dre is an adoptable pony at Safe Harbor