Posted on January 4, 2014


Breed: Appaloosa

Age: 11

Gender: Mare

Size: 14hh

Star came to us in an extremely painful state. Star’s dam’s name is Ms. Star Unique, and she does have Impressive in her lineage.   We did send off for a full genetic panel on Star and she tested negative for all disorders (including HERDA, HYPP, EPSM, and others).  After her genetic profile ruled out a congenital disorder we went through other diagnostics revealing that Star suffered a back injury and stifle injury at a young age.  We suspect she may have fallen down a hill at some point before her 5th birthday and the injury was not treated at the time it occurred.

Star is a complex medical case. In order to keep her with a good quality of life she is on the medications Prevacox and Roboflaxin daily. She also receives weekly therapeutic massage. A Safe Harbor supporter donated a Back on Track sheet for her which also helps with inflammation issues.

This beautiful girl has a very sweet nature, and deserves every chance to live a very full and happy life.  To assure her needs are met for the remainder of her life Star was transferred into our Sanctuary Program. She will remain with Safe Harbor for the duration of her time in rescue. Star’s monthly cost of care is approximately $250. Please consider sponsoring her to help support her cost of care and allow us to continue helping horses like Star.