Posted on September 10, 2013


Lovely Glory is the matriarch of the Sanctuary. She is an ambassador for rescue horses, and actively involved in our children’s program. Glory has suffered abuse and neglect in her life, and came to us on the verge of death; nearing 30 years old. There were times we thought we would lose her, but Glory was determined to get well, and we showered her with love, and provided warm blankets, a comfortable stall, safe pasture with friendly horses, and high quality food.

The result is a dignified mare that knows love and enjoys the safety of the life she experiences every day. Glory is extremely sensitive, and we guard her emotions closely at Safe Harbor. In that safety though, we still let her experience short trail rides, provide lead line experiences for children who visit the sanctuary, and make sure that she remains actively engaged in life.

Glory is charismatic, has gone from a timid and shy underdog to our highly respected and honored boss mare, and is anything but thin these days. We love our girl, and hope that she stays with us for many years to come.



This is my second Christmas with Safe Harbor–and hopefully just one of many more to come. I’ll be 38 this year, but I am young at heart despite the abuse and neglect that was in my life before rescue. My needs are quite simple, and I am super easy to please. I like a quiet and simple life. For Christmas this year I would love my own personalized halter and lead and some treats. Because I am also a practical girl, I thought a annual dewormer rotation would be great as well. Thank you for considering me to be your Equine Angel! You can find my Christmas wish list by clicking here!