Posted on September 10, 2013


Lucinda, AKA Lucy Goosy is a very opinionated Toulouse Goose. Lucinda is everything you would expect in a French Girl. She is impeccably groomed, strong willed, vivacious and charismatic leader on the sanctuary pond, and ready to take anything the world throws her way.

Lucinda has a standing arrangement with the other critters on the farm that she is in charge of all things in the great outdoors on the property. She frequently chases away visiting Canadians looking for a break on their migration journey (Canadian Geese that is), and has finally called truce with the herons, allowing them the Northeast corner of the pond for their frog hunting.

Lucy Goosy looks after her duckies as if they were her gosslings, and they love her and follow her everywhere. On any given afternoon at Safe Harbor, you might find her following her foster dad around, flirting..or if he isn’t looking, sticking her tongue out at him behind his back.


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