Thank you for choosing to make a difference for people and animals in Middle Tennessee.  The Safe Harbor team is a family that cares for those who are struggling emotionally, with mental illness and with intellectual disabilities.

While a horse rescue at heart, the magic of rescue happens when horses that come to us from abuse, neglect, and abandonment are able to work hand in hand with people who have encountered the exact same struggles, so they can heal together.  Your donation helps in so many ways.  It gives a true Safe Harbor to equine and livestock animals in need.  It shows compassion, and it shows a vision for a hope for a better future.  It shows you care for children in foster care and adults who need a place where they will not be judged, but loved with the honesty and peace that can only be found in the barn.

We thank you for your generosity, and we pray that you will be blessed for your kindness.


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