2016 Year -End Giving Campaign

LAST UPDATED DEC 24, 2016 at 2:27 PM

When Safe Harbor was founded in 2013 we had some specific goals for our organization.

1) Save horses and livestock animals (goats and llamas need love too!)
2) Provide top quality veterinary and diagnostic care to animals that come to us.
3) Provide outreach in the community to adults and children with special needs so we can share the healing and therapeutic power of horses with those who need them most.
4) Design a safe, fun, and rewarding adoption program to help horses on to their next chapter in life and make sure they are never at risk.
5) Have complete transparency, organizational strategy, a mission driven board of directors–and to have fun through all of it.

2014-07-25-10-08-26After 4 years we have been successful with all of these goals. Safe Harbor has never been stronger, and it is you–our supporters who have assured that. We are almost completely finished with our GFAS Accreditation. We have been site inspected by the ASPCA. We will journey into TAA Accreditation next year, and we have some super huge big hairy audacious goals on the horizon–including opening the nations first low cost castration clinic for equine and livestock animals.

The volunteer team of Safe Harbor is ready to tackle what many people may view as impossible. In 3 short years we’ve saved almost 500 horses–a number that we were told would be impossible 3 years ago. We did it, you did it….we did this TOGETHER.

However, one constant that remains. Our resource needs are highest from October to February. Our finances are constantly strained during January and February as the weather gets cold and feed and hay consumption spikes–right as our intake demands spike as well due to neglect.

Our #GivingTuesday goal this year is a true operational goal. $10,000 will carry us through a dark winter. It will allow us to continue to save local horses experiencing cruelty and neglect and to divert race horses away from slaughter and to safety. $10,000 will mean that every horse in our care has the food and hay they need until Spring. $10,000 will mean that 125 more lives will be saved in 2017, and that you made it possible.




FACEBOOK:                                                                                          $2,055

BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION:                             $1,000

GOODWORLD (#Donate):                                                                 $40

ONLINE TACK SALES                                                                        $435

PAYPAL.ME/SafeHarbor:                                                                 $3,800

CASH/CHECKS                                                                                    $2,910

TOTAL TO DATE:                                                                      $10,240