Training Incentive Program

All horses listed on this page are T.I.P Program Eligible.

What is T.I.P.? T.I.P. is Safe Harbor’s Training Incentive Program.  Horses that are T.I.P. Eligible are under 15 years of age, fully vetted, halter broke, and sound, but lack finishing training.  These horses are eligible to trainers at reduced or waived adoption fees with an agreement that they will be trained with the intent to re-sell.

How it works: Trainers will sign an agreement with the rescue to provide quality care and train the horse they choose.  Ownership of the horse transfers to the trainer, and the rescue does not retain an ownership claim.  The rescue provides a safety net contract for the horse, so the horse can always return to rescue if he/she turns out to not be a fit for the trainer, or a future home cannot keep the horse.

What is the cost: If the stated adoption fee in the horse’s biography (see profiles of eligible horses below) is $300 or less, the fee will be waived completely to a T.I.P. Trainer.  If the stated fee is $400 or $500 the fee to a T.I.P. trainer will be $100 or $200.  Just email and ask if you have any questions.  The small fees when applicable are to help offset the cost of care while the horse received foundational training provided by the rescue.  All horses in the T.I.P. program are current on shots/coggins/wellness checks/farrier care and at a good body condition.

What happens when a trainer sells a horse?: The sale should work just like any traditional sale done by the trainer.  The trainer should verify the quality of the home, and negotiate the financial aspect of the sale, coordinate the sale meeting, and all other aspects that are part and parcel of selling a horse.  The new home MUST sign a safety net agreement that will be provided by the rescue.  This agreement will stipulate that should the horse ever be in need of rehoming post sale the owner will give the trainer a first right of refusal to buy-back the horse, verify a vet/farrier reference before selling the horse to assure a quality home, and will never send the horse to auction.  The contract also states that in the event the trainer does not wish to exercise the first right of refusal and a quality home cannot be found, the horse can be returned to Safe Harbor.

If this sounds like a great fit for you and your training program, and you want to make a life-changing difference for a horse in need, check out the profiles below for our T.I.P. eligible horses.