The Basics of Medical and Socialization Rehabilitation

You’ve driven by a property a million times and have seen the horse standing there, not handled, not cared for, and overall just plain neglected.  The owners don’t know what resources they have.  The rescue are full.  You don’t want to report them for cruelty because they are good people–poverty, life, or other extenuating circumstances have happened, and unfortuantely, the horse is the one who has suffered.  You finally get the courage to knock on the door.  The owner is grateful for your offer to help….but now, you have a horse in need of rehabilitation that you suddenly own and are responsible for.  What now?

The following pages are here to guide you through the basics of medical and socialization rehabilitation.  Some horses need both.  Many need one or the other.  If you have decided to micro-rescue and go it alone, we hope these pages can become a valuable resource for you as you help a horse on its journey to health and happiness.

The information provided is based on experiences and practices followed by  Safe Harbor Volunteers.  Remember that your safety is always paramount.  Rehabilitation and socialization of an equine can be a dangerous process for the untrained.  Always consider your capabilities prior to attempting anything within these pages.