Posted on December 2, 2013


Horse Feed

$20.00 - $180.00 (tax incl.)

Our Safe Harbor rehab horses are on a diet appropriate…

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Our Safe Harbor rehab horses are on a diet appropriate to them. We generally select from the following feeds:

Triple Crown Senior
Nutrena Safe Choice Special Care
Purina Omolene 300
Alfalfa Pellets
Alfalfa Cubes

Almost every feed we use can be purchased at Franklin Horse Supply in Franklin, TN. Franklin Horse Supply keeps a donation log for Safe Harbor and you can call them and put money on account for horse feed for Safe Harbor, or use the store purchase option to purchase a donation of a bag of feed for Safe Harbor. (their phone # is (615) 790-7860) The average cost for a bag of feed for a horse is $20. Most of our horses eat approximately 5 pounds a day, so three bags lasts a month.

For a few of our special needs seniors that are on an all feed diet, they eat almost 100% of their daily intake in feed because they are unable to chew forage. For these horses who are on a mix of soaked feed and soaked alfalfa pellets they use approximately 9 bags of feed a month. The special needs horses in this category right now include Kit Kat and Zaranna.

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