After The Track

Safe Harbor is Tennessee’s Only 501(c)3 Horse Rescue With A Division Focused Exclusively On Ex-Race Horses Working On New Careers

Safe Harbor horses do not all come from neglect and abuse cases. We also have a robust second careers training program for ex-racers.  ThoroughbredsPyrite Lady and Standardbreds who have spent their professional careers harness racing and racing under saddle come to us as a safety net to prevent transition through auction–which typically results in the horse ending up as one of the thousands that go to slaughter each year.

Racers are at exceptionally high risk.  As competitive athletes, they do not always transition directly into trail or pet homes without some degree of retraining and resetting of expectations on what their humans want from them.  The average horse owner/rider does not want to cover 1 mile in under 2 minutes, and these horses have been asked for that level of athleticism since their training began.  Often there are injuries, minor or major that require therapeutic treatment.  Our training team is highly experienced with these horses and works with them to evaluate and help redirect them to new careers.

IMG_3384Since the inception of this program, we have Off Track Thoroughbreds and Off Track Standardbreds competing and enjoying new lives in:

  • Hunter Under Saddle
  • Dressage
  • Hunter Jumper
  • Eventing
  • Trail
  • Competitive Trail/Obstacle Challenges
  • Companion/Pet Homes

In each case, the discipline has been chosen by the horse, and trained by the trainer for a perfect happily ever after.

Our Goal Whenever Possible Is To Intercept Before Auction, Not After.

Pre-planning for your horse will help assure their lifelong safety, security and loving home.  Auctions are often disastrous, and when horses are kill-buyer owned and “bailed”, it perpetuates a cycle of money into the slaughter industry.




If you are an owner, trainer, jockey or driver who would like to learn more about Safe Harbor After The Track, please send an email to:



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